An Evaluation of The American Psychological Association's Task Force Report on The Sexualization of Girls

Ave Maria International Law Journal, 2012, Vol. 1:2, 349-377.
Dr. Richard P. Fitzgibbons, M.D.† Dale O’Leary†

The Task Force on the Sexualization of Girls (TSG) presents ample evidence of the problems and consequences, as well as some positive alternatives and helpful recommendations. This paper will argue that the recommendations presented will not achieve the goal of protecting girls because the TSG fails to identify the underlying causes and implicitly accepts unsubstantiated ideologically based assumptions. The fundamental question that the TSG avoids, namely: Should adolescent girls engage in sexual activity or do the risks outweigh the benefits? The authors of the TSG Report appear to believe that they can preserve the sexual freedom of girls, while avoiding the negative effects of sexualization. There is no evidence that this is possible and, indeed, the Report itself presents substantial evidence of the failure of such a plan.

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